Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cucumber Pickle (Acar Timun)

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Ingredients :

2 cucumbers
1 carrot
1 red chili
1 large onion
8 tablespoons salt
4 shallots
2 cm ginger
3 cloves garlic
8 dried chilies (can put less according to your taste...)
1/2 cup dried prawns
1/2 teaspoon oil (I put in 1 tablespoon of oil, much better.)
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 cup candlenuts
1/2 teaspoon tumeric powder
3/4 cup vinegar
31/2 tablespoons sugar

Method :
1. Cut cucumbers and carrot into 2.5 cm strips.

2. Cut the red chili into 5 cm strips and the large onion into 5 cm wedges.

3. Sprinkle salt over the cut vegetables and let them stand for at least 2 hours.

4. When the vegetables are limp, wash away the salt and spread them on a clean tea towel in a cool place to dry.

5. Grind together the chilies, shallots, garlic and ginger.

6. Pound the dried prawns.

7. Heat the oil and fry mustard seed for 1/2 minute before adding in the ground ingredients and turmeric powder.

8. Fry for another 5 minutes.

9. When the oil separates, add in the dried prawns and continue cooking for another 3 minutes before adding in the vinegar and sugar.

10. Cook slowly until the mixture is fairly thick.

11. Add in more salt and sugar if necessary.

12. Stir in the prepared vegetables and toss quickly to mix well.

13. When the vegetables are well mixed with the spices, remove the pan from the heat.

14. Cool slightly before storing in clean, dry jars.

Hello friends,

I dedicate this blog to all of you who share my interest in cooking and food in general. For those who felt that they like food but poor in kitchen works, well just wish that I can give you some lending hands. I try my best!

This first entry is a delicacy that I often seen when I was still a small girl. My mom used to do this for Christmas and Gawai celebrations. I came to know about the recipe on a website called : Try it. It's mouth watering! :)


Cuthess said...

Aku suka amat makai acar timun, tang enda kala nguji ngaga taja nemu resepi laban kala meda indai ngaga, enti bisi ari tau gak aku nguji ke resepi nuan tuk ah nampak yummy. Minggu kemari aku bisi meli cucumber pickle ba kedai lalu bedau diuji, enda nemu asai ia.

Lyana said...

Aku pan baru ia nguji, ngelama udah diau ditu. Diatu tau enda ibuh meda resipi agi, nemu modified kediri keba! hehehe

-f-l-o- said...

Acarrrrrrrr... aku rindu meh makai acar. Empa enggau keropok. Sampai diatu nya dibantai ba rumah panjai enti gawai & xmas. Argghhhh... udah tu aku nguji ngaga Lyana. Thanks!

Lyana said...

Kami ditu bisi di jual di supermarkets keropok udang. akaidai..nya ngasuh ka agi ngaga acar nya. next, aku ka nguji ngaga acar tubu. bisi tubu dalam butul jual ditu ga. to be continue...jeng jeng jeng

Indai Starz said...


timun, carrot nibuh dijembi (jemur) ba mata panas ?

Aku kala ngaga nya taun nyin tadi, sedap diempa enggau keropok.

Lyana said...


Enggi aku laban nadai panas bisa ditu, enda di jembi aku timun enggau carrot. Timun semina di pulas dalam towel mipis, carrot di angat aku dalam slow cooking oven tauka di angat dalam kuali. Anang ngasuh ranggup, semina ngambi ke nama rangkai aja.
Anang ngumbai enda jadi, tan disimpan lama dalam container dalam peti ais.

QueenR said...

thanks lyana.. it works! nyadi wai :-)

Lovely said...

Hi there, i just wanna ask u, when u put d groundnuts ? Am I need to blend it together with the chillie,shallots,ginger n garlic or I need to pound n put it together when frying all the ingredients?